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Elim Gloucester & Coronavirus

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Our immediate priority is the health and wellbeing of all individuals; connected to our church community, and those beyond.

Please refer to NHS guidance for up-to-date health information and advice.

Keep updated & in touch

Whilst we are unable to physically meet together; you are able to keep up to date with our different online events and activities, by visiting the Gloucester Elim Website and facebook page. We will also be sending regular emails; so if you aren't currently receiving them, please contact our admin team by E-mail so that we can update/add your details.

Sunday Gatherings:- Online at 10:30am

Every Sunday at 10:30am we will continue to worship, be equipped and interact together online. These sessions will be streamed live to our facebook page where you will be able to watch and interact using the comments feature.               

A play-back version of the session will later be published to the facebook page and can also be accessed via our website.

Mid-Week Content

At various points during the week we will share a variety of devotional and outreach material for encouragement and spiritual growth. These include testimony, bible study, worship, short thoughts, family fun and scripture; all available here on our website, and our Facebook Page. To get into the rhythm of our mid-week content, click here to see what's on.


Though we may be separated physically from a centralised Church model, we now find ourselves in a scattered Church model. This excites us as a Church because our hope and prayer is that; as we have the opportunity to share the load and function from a scattered position, individuals will increasingly grow in their giftings and establish their function in the body of Christ.

We encourage you to regularly contact, pray for/with, and encourage others in our fellowship; especially at this time of physical separation. Look out for those who may be particularly vulnerable or singularly isolated. This is a season for every member of the body to pull together and CONNECT.

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