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Elim Foursquare Gospel Alliance. Registered Charity 251549 (England & Wales) SC037754 (Scotland).

Ministry Teams

Below you can find some more information about our Ministry Teams and the current needs of each team. If you would like to get more involved in one area of ministry, please speak to the relevant Ministry Team Leader. 

Welcome Team

The Welcome Team will shake your hand or give you a hug when you come in through the door. They will ask how are you doing and offer a listening ear whether you are a regular or a new visitor, and help you find a seat. The team is there also to answer any questions you may have regarding our church. Jacqui Nash is the Team leader.

Refreshments Team

The Team is in charge of making sure you receive the perfect cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate (or a cold drink if you prefer so), at the end of our services. They often bring biscuits too! And stay behind to wash up after everyone has been served. Jacqui Nash is the Team leader.

Worship Team

The Worship Team is made up of people with either a good ear, lovely voice or sense of rhythm but, most importantly, by people who love to worship and praise God with all their hearts. Max Hather is the Team leader.

Cleaning Team

The Cleaning Team work behind the scenes to ensure that our church is kept in a tidy, clean and welcoming state. From hoovering, dusting and cleaning to restrooms, there is lots which needs doing on a regular basis. Monica and Greg are the Team leaders.

Prayer Team

The Prayer Team includes a number of people who commit themselves to pray for the needs of the church - and for specific prayer requests which are shared through our ‘Text Prayer Request’ service. The Team also organises special prayer events, such as the Prayer Space. Emma Hather is the Team leader.

Audio Visual Team

The Team works at the back of the church during services and is in charge of manning the mixer desk, powerpoint slides, lights and sound systems. Steve Jones is the Team leader.

Missions Team

Charity Shop Team

The Charity Shop Team runs our shop which is located within the church carpark. The shop doesn’t just receive and sells goods to fund various missions’ work, it also creates the avenue for lasting relationships with the local community. Regulars often come in to share a drink and a friendly, encouraging chat. Find out more in the Charity Shop page. Chris Bircher is the Team leader.

Maintenance Team

The Maintenance Team works in the background to ensure that everything is kept in working order in our church building. The Team also organises special ‘Work Days’ during the year where everyone is welcome to help carry out specific projects. Mark Bircher is the Team leader.

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